At Contingency Partners, we take on the full spectrum of recruitment requirements so you don't have to.

From permanent to temporary positions, professional to skilled talents, we are dedicated to finding the best fit for your organisation as well as sourcing for those up to the challenges of agency growth.

In addition, we are fully capable of handling your company's payroll and provide an independent perspective of your career.

General & Professional Staffing


Let us take care of all your general staffing needs as well as Replacements and Expansion plans.

Having covered almost all aspects of Staffing over the years, we cater to most industries in Singapore, covering Contract, Temporary and Permanent positions; thus ensuring your business has the talent you need for as long as you need it.

Seek to understand the Client's needs.

Initiate a search, including head-hunting relevant candidates in the market.

Finding a good match in terms of years of experience, job scope, culture, organisational practices, etc.).

Assessing a candidate for suitability, expectations and interpersonal skills via our unique Competency Based Behavioural Interviewing techniques.

Making the introduction by coordinating interviews, briefing both parties before the discussion, etc.

Following up with Client and Candidate to ensure the hiring goes well.


Professional positions require professional expertise. At Contingency Partners, we house an extensive database of specialist talents capable of executing industry-specific responsibilities. We take the time to understand your precise requirements for each role before making our recommendations.

Agency Growth

Working under the agency model requires people with not only the right aptitude but also the right attitude to thrive.

From our experience of partnering agencies, we have uncovered two key elements for an individual's success - how connected a person is to the people around and the leadership skills they possess. Through our unique validation system, we hand-pick candidates who demonstrate keen leadership skills and self- motivation, in addition to assessing them for their qualifications, skills and experience.

Over the years, our recommended candidates have flourished in their roles and contributed to the success of their agencies.

Agency Introduction Platform (AIP) Model

When it comes to an agency's sales force, it is the quality of people, not the quantity, that counts. At Contingency Partners, we have designed the AIP Model to continuously seek out candidates imbued with natural sales and leadership capabilities to contribute to the sustained growth and longevity of your agency. Through this, we aim to assemble a dynamic team that will develop your company and become effective managers and mentors to your next generation of sales personnel.


We take pride in providing accurate, timely payroll services every month. With us, you have the assurance that only highly qualified payroll specialists will manage your company's payroll according to strict guidelines that emphasise confidentiality and discretion.

Flexible and customisable, our payroll solutions assist in tracking annual leave, making CPF contributions and filing tax returns for companies - all while ensuring that each step is in compliance with Singapore's employment laws.

Your staff will benefit from the convenience of their salaries being credited directly to their individual bank accounts. Each employee will be issued monthly pay slips, thus allowing them to track their wages efficiently.

We also save your company time and resources by submitting tax returns on your behalf. Once complete, you will receive a detailed payroll report for your files.

Pass Appication

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Entering the workforce for the very first time can be a daunting experience. Designed to facilitate your transition, Contingency Partners offers independent, objective and professional career consultations absolutely free to you.

Writing a strong resume is not the only thing that matters in a good match. Good careerists are able to conduct themselves skillfully during an interview, and deliver an impactful follow-up email to their prospective employer. Not sure how to go about this? We'll show you how! Covering fundamental, practical, real-life interview techniques, we will also offer you industry insights and valuable ideas to launch your career in your chosen field.

Whether you are a seasoned Veteran in the field, a Fresher out of University, our consultants will be happy to talk to you.

Our Specialists cover all major areas in the following sectors:

Banking Institutional Specialists:

Medical Specialists:

Real Estate Specialists:

Financial Institutions Specialists:

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